Sunday, June 9, 2019

My piece, Sunrise, Sunset #2, is included the group exhibition at the Penland Gallery.



Sunrise and Sunset #2  describes a passage of time
 I used natural dyes on the fabric panels and the paper panel (natural dyed silk was attached on washiI; thin Japanese rice paper) on Sunrise, Sunset #2 Flowers are ephemeral and they live only a short time.  Dyes are extracted from living flowers, plants, inner barks, and roots from marigold, apple tree, weld, cutch, madder, etc. Fabric is then dyed and painted with the extracted dye solution.  The extracted color will stay on the fabric.  Even though the flowers are gone, the color will stay on the fabric as a dual existence.  The color on the fabric indicates a memory of the plants.  

Cutting out an image makes it blank, but the image itself remains as a trace of existence.  Although mage itself is gone because it has been cut-out, still the silhouette remains.  The cut-out shape can be a trace of memory.  

Majority of my work are applied by Katazome (traditional Japanese rice paste resist technique).  I cut-out images with a knife for a stencil to print.  It prints as repeat pattern.  The act of repeat convey the idea of passage of time.

Sunrise, Sunset #2  expresses a process of trace and memory through passage of time.  It emphasizes repetition of light and dark; life and death also a cycle. of natural world.

Fabrics: Katazome (rice paste resist printing technique) with natural dyes on silk                              organza. 
Paper Panel: Dyed silk with natural dyes: madder, lac, weld, apple, cochineal,                               marigold,  indigo. Applied traditional Japanese rice paper with scroll making                                     technique. Hand cut out. Constructed.
86”H x 68”W x approx. 24”D
Structure: made by Steven Marvin