Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Call for Artists: "Transparent, Translucent, Transformed"... Surface Design Association-Illinois Exhibit 2014

Hi all!

We have managed to get a gallery space and exhibit together for August of 2014. All Midwest SDA member may submit. The theme and title of the exhibit is "Transparent, Translucent, Transformed". The intention of this exhibit is to illustrate things that are transparent, translucent, and/or transformed in this world, OR, things that should be (i.e. government, politics, fund raising, banking, corporate power, policy decisions, healthcare, etc.). You can go for the literal meaning of the words transparent, translucent, transformed... or, you can go with a more conceptual or abstract meaning of the words. We invite both the literal and wide view of this theme. The exhibit run will be from August 3rd, 2014 to August 31st. 2014 and will be held at the Iannelli Studios Heritage Center in Park Ridge Illinois. Photo submissions must be in by July 1st, 2014 and artists will be informed of their acceptance no later than July 8th, 2014. All accepted entries will have to arrive at the designated location by July 31st, 2014. You can see the full prospectus and instructions here or by following the link on the right hand column of this blog (over and up). ------->^^^

...Note 5/29/14... I have added Missouri and Kansas to the Midwest States allowed to submit to this exhibition. They are now on the prospectus and all links have been corrected. My apologies for leaving them out. If you have any questions at all please feel free to contact me. :)
Thank you,