Wednesday, June 17, 2015

IL SDA Member Kathy Weaver In New Group Show at Bridgeport Art Center, Chicago IL

Press Release For:
Throes of Progress:
Bob Emser, Jacqueline Moses, Paul Sierra, Kathy Weaver
June 19 – August 7
Opening reception June 19
7 weeks

The artists in this exhibition explore the often negative effects not only on human society but on the planet itself of the notion of progress. Massive industrial technologies have led to unchecked growth, creating an over-engineered planet that no longer supports human, or even biological, values. The show includes paintings by Jacqueline Moses and Paul Sierra, as well as drawings by Kathy Weaver and a selection of three-dimensional works by Bob Emser that relate primarily to flight.

During his 30+ year career, Bob Emser has served as a visiting artist and has taught at several universities, held a tenured professorship, and founded a not-for-profit art center. He has also served as the executive director of Chicago’s international sculpture exhibition, Pier Walk, and as the founder of Chicago Sculpture International. Emser will present a number of his fascinating “model airplanes”, which, in contrast to the typical children’s toys, are very large. Other works also refer to air travel and even rocketry.

Jacqueline Moses has exhibited throughout the region, as well as internationally. Her large-scale oil paintings (many with photographic transfer) depict the global clash of old and new, the negative effects of globalization itself. Some present ominous scenes such as aircraft exploding in fire over placid landscapes.
Born in Havana, since immigrating to the United States in 1961 Paul Sierra has participated in numerous group and group exhibitions throughout the country, many of which have explored the contribution of Hispanic artists to American culture. Many of Sierra’s large-scale paintings depict cars that are mangled or burning up as a result of crashes on peaceful country roads, and can serve as eloquent metaphors for the death and destruction which represent the reverse side of our modern love affair with automobiles.

Kathy Weaver has exhibited widely in the area, as well as nationally, and has received many awards for her work. Her large-scale drawings show the toll of violent human confrontation. Weaver’s series “Collateral Damage” explores the effect of war on soldiers and civilians. Some of the drawings depict robot protagonists acting out human dramas.

The exhibition “Throes of Progress” presents much food for thought in a collection of masterful art works created by a highly respected and widely acknowledged group of Chicago area artists.

"Artifacts of War" by Kathy Weaver