Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Hi all,

I just wanted to wish everyone a healthy, prosperous, and fantastic New Year!
Also, if you haven't been reading the updates from the SDA we are only $20,000 away from meeting our goal. If you have not donated and still want to, or if you need to update your membership (or buy someone the gift of a membership) it's not too late (2014 has one more day left)... you can pledge here at http://www.surfacedesign.org/get-involv…/pledge-your-support, or buy a membership on the website http://www.surfacedesign.org/. Let's keep the SDA going strong!

You all stay warm and have a great New Year!
SDA-IL Representative

***Special Postscript***
Good news, we are just $15,000 away from our goal. You can make your pledge now and pay in increments over the next year. One more day to make our goal!
~ Jeanette