Saturday, August 13, 2011

First opening for Innovations in Textiles.

The first of the Innovations in Textiles events opens in Edwardsville, IL this Thursday Aug 19 at the Edwardsville Art Center.  You can find details and links here at the Innovations website.  The exhibit is curated by Laura Strand, Professor and head of Textiles at Southern Illinois University and features the work of several of her former students. 

Edwardsville Art Center recently moved to beautiful new digs complete with a sculpture garden in the making on the campus of Edwardsville High School.  

The Innovations website also has updated news on the bus tours taking place September 17 (for around the city stops) and on October 2 (for the outlying galleries including the 2 in Illinois).  Check it out.  Hope you can see the some of the shows.

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