Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Art Quilts at International Quilt Festival in Houston

Here are some photos from the SAQA Seasonal Palette exhibit that was at Houston a week ago. The show will be traveling to Cincinnati, Long Beach a a few other venues over the next 18 months, I hope to go see it in Cincinnati next April. My piece is the water reflection piece at the far right in the first photo. 38 artists were asked to make pieces for the show - each of us were given a particular season and color collection to work from. As well, we each created a notebook documenting our process and work along the way. There is a catalog ($20) available from the site. Photo credits: Gregory Case.

Another exhibit at Houston was A Sense of Scale. Very large pieces were interspersed with groupings of small pieces. This exhibit will also be traveling to other venues and also has a catalog available from My piece in this exhibit was Mingled Waters - the very large piece shown in photo below.

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