Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Birds in Flight Migrate West

Birds in Flight #1

Our friend and fellow SDA Illinois member, Margie Trembley, has a gallery in Springfield Nebraska. She is exhibiting one of my pieces and several of friends of mine; Frieda Anderson (also as SDA Illinois member), Sharon Malec and Anne Lullie. Here's the link to her gallery: http://www.springfieldartworks.com/LatestNews.html 


Anonymous said...

We're really inspired by the artwork. After some thought and discussion, we have a question about the birds. The title is "Birds in Flight Migrate West," yet the sun rises behind them. Does this indicate they are actually migrating north or south (sun rising in east, setting in west)? We've had a lengthy discussion about it, and would like some insight so we can understand it better. If it was meant to be understood. We really enjoyed the piece. Thank you and Good Night. Best Wishes. R & A

Darcy Berg said...

The title of the piece is "Birds in Flight". The reason that the title says "Migrate West" is because the piece went on consignment to a gallery in Nebraska which is west of Illinois. It was a play on words. Now that I read it through your eyes, it probably should have read "'Birds in Flight' Migrates West". I can understand the confusion. You can check out this piece at http://www.springfieldartworks.com/theGallery.html or there are similar pieces on my website http://www.darcyberg.com. Thanks!